Respond to customers instantly

Aidah helps businesses to automate their frequently asked questions and streamline all their customer conversations from different channels in one place to save time.

With Aidahbot you can ...

Reduce customer support cost

Reduce support calls tickets by up to 80%

Reduce churn & Increase sales

Any wait time can lead to frustration and potentially churn.

Improve customer satisfaction

Be there for your customers always and make them happy always.

Predict customer behaviour

We help you understand how your customer feels about your service.

Automate and collaborate on complaints and Enquiries.

A customer service rep's time is best spent on customer enquiries that require expertise, not copy-pasting and dealing with the same questions. Leverage on our smart artificial intelligent tool to automate responses while your agents attend to complex issues.

Support across various social media channels.

Manage all support related conversation from multiple channels such as Facebook messenger, twitter(coming soon), whatsapp(coming soon), website etc on one single platform.


Smooth bot-to-human handover.

It is a known fact that chatbot is not 100% responsive. While a chatbot can handle most of the repetitive work such as frequently asked questions, difficult task that require human intervention are catered by aidahbot. We allow your agents to respond to your customers whenever the chatbot fails to respond